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    Forgot Bandicam and typing into notepad.

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    Afrer 6 months of recommendation I'm finally watching this video.

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    Are you Apollo Legend? Or the voice is just too similar?

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    So dont be scared of this we are going to talk of It in a second Does not talk even a Little bit of it.

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    This can be applied to my old math teacher as well. *does one problem but skips most of the steps because she’s done them before* alright I hope you got that. If you have any questions, consult your notes.

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    Thanks dude. Works great for me.

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    Actually its more like “...and compile and execute it and there we go. Now the program adds 2 numbers together”

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    Nevermind, I figured it out

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    *shows this to my little cousin* Him: how.. what when why what *?*

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    There we go, we created Minecraft.

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    Man, you're god dem right 😁

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    🙄ahhhh import java.various.shit This video is killing me

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    Omg he knows the secret! Hahahahaha hahahaha I'm dead again!

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    Wow it really wirked please do a scratch guide

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    Yas dis is also how IT is tought at the uni so please don't make too mucc fun of it. A bit is ok tho.

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    Funny video and comments and all but aren’t y’all amazed how some people were able to create one of the most popular games of all time using Java because to me that’s amazing

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    Sooo Video is 0:29 sec long and ad is 0:35 sec long WTF MNlists?

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    yes this is exactly what I see. either this or the opposite. programmers be showing what is a mouse, what is a computer; how to turn it on. like man just seriously plan a particular type of goal eg. lets make an app for an online store. lets make an app for a 3d fighting game. or lets make an app for 1 charater on a small map, with ability to jump, attack, and move. help to learn something usefull. teach us specific tasks. if i was a house painter , i would show you exactly step by step the things you need to do, untill the final product. the only thing would be to get good at it.

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    Which editor to use please? (Jk)

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    This is so true.

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    Thanks for the tutorial...help me a lot

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    Thanks sir, it worked

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    Thanks it changed my life !!!!

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    thank you for teaching me how to make minecraft in java

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    Thanks worked perfectly

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    -5 years ago -Video starts with them recording desktop until they tab into the program -muffled, low quality mic -the impact of each keystroke can be heard -spiratic view count for video quality

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    "Alright in the next video we are going to just continue from where we left off" *next video starts with critical changes that were done off camera and never explained*

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    Wait a minute, hold up, was the code you pasted in *_the literal source code for java itself?_* It looks a hell of a lot like a java compiler

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    C++ Tutorials in a nutshell Step 1: Open up random IDE Step 2: Learn C++ Step 3: If you fail step 2, go to step 1

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    Fake! I saw the code! For making windows in Java we need to import some modules! But you don't imported nothing!!!

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    So how many 'Arghs' should I include in my code?

  • Gênio Indomável
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    I JUST CREATED GTA 5 > #include #include #include #include void b_to_d(char result[]); //binary to decimal void d_to_b(int dec,char binary[]); // decimal to binary main() { int ch,n1,n2,i=0,j,k,l,carry,r,x1,x2,x; char bn1[30],bn2[30],result[30],binary[30]; char multi[30][30]; clrscr(); inc code \n" direc //dieload do { printf(" input first operand \n"); printf(" input second operand \n2"); printf(" binary addition \n"); printf(" binary subtraction \n"); printf(" binary multiplation \n"); printf(" result to decimal \n"); printf(" Exit \n\n"); C:\>RUN print("program in fucking python"); printf("leave that computer"); do { printf("enter your choice "); scanf("%d",&ch); }while(ch>7 || ch

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    When you follow the code to the T and the code STILL doesn't work...

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    Programmer: does a 8 minute talk about a function just to say it’s unnecessary.

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    =))))))) man you are so funny :D

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    Bruh too real, i tried to start learning coding few days ago so I guess thays why this video was recommended to me and every beginner tutorial i watched was like this, in the end i gave up

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    This is too real. If you're not paying 100% attention at all times you're gonna blink and suddenly the tutorial guy finished writing code for NASA satellites.

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    My code doesn't work... Let's change nothing and rerun it!

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    Super helpful. I made Minecraft 2 using what I learned from this tutorial.

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    Thanks. it works!

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    Damn what other script does this program use? Really useful tutorial! Helped me out alot, thanks!

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  • Queen Ants
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    You forgot to misspell a commonly known word, delaying the tutorial for 2 minutes as you figure out what the error is.

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    Only needs a thick Indian accent and a comment section filled with people who have made it to vid 10 and now think they are experts.

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    "It doesn't matter if you don't understand what this piece of code does."

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    also hit a shortkey without saying what the shortkey is and include a dead link

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    But where is the NCS music?

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    In all seriousness though, how the hell am I supposed to learn programming? Tutorials are shit and complicated...how does one learn?

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    Is that the actual code to minecraft?

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    Thanks so so much! I have followed this tutorial and made my own copy of Minecraft!!

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    So true.

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    Omg it works perfectly thank you!!!1!

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    Derek Banas